When you bring your manuscript to Another View Editing, you are getting personal attention and feedback from someone whose main desire is to make your book the best it can be. I know that it is a monumental achievement to have finished a manuscript – be it your first or your fiftieth – and am passionate about making that hard work the best version of itself.

I work on a range of genres, such as Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Science Fiction, Middle Grade, and Young Adult. Manuscript acceptance and pricing depends on the submission of a representative sample of your book. I reserve the right to refuse any submission based on content, availability, or readiness for print.

No one editor is right for every author. To see if we would be a good fit, I offer sample edits of a Chapter (or 8-10 pages) of your manuscript to ensure that we are both happy to move forward. To discuss your manuscript now, please get in touch.