My name is Kim Sheard. I hold a Drama/English Degree (finished more than a few years ago now), and I am continually updating and refreshing my training. A stickler for supporting a good story with good word choice and grammar, I have not only worked with authors, but stage and screen writers, students, and everything in between. I am Canadian, but have lived in the UK for the last 13 years. (So I am comfortable in both UK and American English.)

I have a varied work/education history that I believe gives me a great set of skills and a unique background from which to approach your manuscript. I have a fairly extensive background in the Performing Arts and have been involved with the creation of characters, plots, and emotions for over twenty years.

I enjoy establishing a relationship with writers and making sure that the best they have to show is on the page when they publish. I strongly believe that your editor should be someone that you can talk to openly and who is able to challenge your perceptions to help you better your writing.

As any relationship is best tested before jumping in the deep end, I am more than willing to do sample edits on 8-10 pages of your manuscript to decide if we both feel we can work together. Skype phone calls are also able to be arranged before or after an edit.